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Termite Control

Termites attack on wooden furniture causes terrible damage, which can lead to a total breakdown of the furniture. They can penetrate cracks in wooden furniture and other almost invisible cracks and eat wood. So, it is the best idea to contact a professional pest control company for termite control. Universal Pest Control services provides termites control in Qatar. We will be at your service anytime, contact us and be free from termites.

What is Termite’s?
Termites are insects, so they have body parts and six legs. They can also have wings and the wings are the same length. An ant is often confused with ants, but you will know the difference because the wings in front of ants are longer than the wings behind them. In addition, the ant antenna protrudes from the head while the ants rotate at right angles. The ant is not too big, 1⁄4 – 1⁄2, but an inch long. However, kings and queens of some species can be up to an inch taller. Termites are small, but because there are so many, the total weight of all ants is greater than the total weight of all people on Earth!

Colonial worms are winged termites and their task is to reproduce and form new termite colonies. Former workers, on the other hand, are assigned, you advise, to work. They are sterile, so they do not multiply. But they make up the bulk of the colony and are important because they feed the colony. This is what is in your feeding walls. Swarms outside your house are not a problem, but if you see swarms inside your house (or their wings because they immediately fall in), then you are dealing with a solid association.

What attracts ants (termites)?

Ants like humans can live long without food, but they die very quickly without moisture. So, they continue to look for moisture in large quantities. They are more attracted to the house, where the ground is constantly wet. For example – leaky taps, drainage air conditioners or irrigation beds in the garden. Ants also attract hidden areas around the house where there is moisture, such as walls of holes, under bathroom or bathroom cabinets, wet walls dripping shower heads and other wet places.

Food resources
The only food of termites is cellulose (sugar molecules), which is found in trees, wood and plants. It is also present in trees used in construction. This is why wooden wall and roof frames are easily attacked by termites. It also attacks other materials in the house, which include:

❖ Wooden decking and floorboards
❖ Wooden fences, gates and pergolas in direct contact with the ground
❖ Plinths and architects
❖ Bathroom and kitchen cabinets
❖ Made of wooden furniture
❖ Carpet strips and the carpet itself
❖ Cardboard boxes
❖ Newspapers, magazines and photo albums stored in garages or warehouses
❖ Power cables

Termite damage characteristics

  • Wooden cavity: Termites prefer to stay in a dark humid environment, so they do not normally live in the treetops, where they are visible to the human eye. In fact, the surface of a tree can look slippery, even though termites are harmful. If the tree sounds hollow when ticking, it is because the ants eat the wood from the inside out.
  • Groups of winged insects (“swarms”) or repelling wings: Reproductive termites called swarms fly and form new colonies. Underground termite flocks usually swarm in the spring, while dry wood flocks are less predictable. If you see a flock of insects or a group of severed wings, call a termite specialist to check.
    Broken or deformed wood surface colour: Shelters in dry wood ants can penetrate doors smaller than the edge of a dime, so be careful and seal all shelters in the foundations of the house and near the roof, openings and windows.
  • Mud pipes on the outer walls: Underground termites build mud pipes on the surface, such as the foundation of the house, to provide moisture in search of food. Keep mulch, firewood and wood chips away from home to prevent the creation of a humid environment for termite survival and prosperity.
  • Frass: Dry wood ants produce faeces in a wood colour called frass when they feed on infected wood. Keep gutters, downspouts and passage areas free of dirt and cellulosic materials to avoid food sources for termites.

Termites’ pest control in Qatar
Termites are a serious threat to your biggest investment: Your home. If you suspect termite activity, call a licensed pest control company to have it checked. We are termite control specialist and we recommend a customized treatment and prevention plan, which may include liquid repellents, wood treatment, bait and, if necessary, fumigation of the entire composition.

Insecticides used to prevent or treat termite infestations are called antiseptics and earlier we can register them; they must demonstrate the ability to provide protection to the shape. In such cases, the use of a termiticide can only be done correctly by a trained pest control specialist. Hence universal pest control and hospitality services are the trained professionals/specialist and you can contact us for termites’ control and be tempted by our work.