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Sanitizer and Disinfection

In this time of covid-19, the mutations of virus are a common thing. There can be many mutations and hence many variations of covid-19 virus. Disinfectants is by far the most effective way and solution to tackle with the contaminated environment. We do not know how long will this virus will occur so we have to take precautions and use the disinfectants services.
Disinfection is a prerequisite for controlling the spread of infectious diseases, and controlling SARS-CoV-2 is critical. It is important to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Disinfecting can also reduce the epidemic response measures again.

Our company provides services regarding these types of situations. We give our customers with best disinfectants and sanitation services in Qatar. As disinfectants have become an integral part of our livelihood in recent times, we have to be more conscious. Universal Pest control is the right solution for all your problems we have best sanitation team with most effective disinfectants. We sanitize your home, workplace and the environment you came in
contact with. Universal pest control service has a long history working with disinfectants so you can trust us and belief we are the best disinfectants and sanitation providing company all over the country.

How is sanitation and disinfection are done?
Disinfection describes the process by which many or all pathogenic microorganisms, with the exception of bacterial spores, are killed on inanimate objects. Some common disinfectants are bleaching and alcoholic solutions. You usually have to leave the disinfectant on top and stuff for a while to kill the bacteria. Disinfection does not require cleaning dirty surfaces or removing germs. Sterilization or sanitation can be by cleaning, sterilizing, or both. Sterilization reduces the number of germs to a harmless level. What is considered a safe level depends on public health standards or requirements at work, school, etc. For example, there are sterilization processes for restaurants and other food preparation centres. What you do to sterilize depends on your needs. You can clean the floor with detergent, chemicals and water. You can use the dishwasher to clean the dishes. Or maybe you use an antibacterial wipe on your TV controls.

Disinfection service at Universal Pest Control Qatar
Our team is very experienced in effectively disinfecting a selected room with disinfectants. A wide range of disinfectants with excellent antiviral components has been selected to ensure quick cleaning of surfaces in homes and businesses. We are the first choice and recognition of all government agencies needed to control and prevent emergency diseases. The plan of action to protect you and protect those around you from Corona is to receive regular medical attention from us.

How safe is disinfection and sanitization?
This is the most frequent question asked by our valued clients. Many people believe that sewage services use highly toxic chemicals to achieve complete disinfection. We assure our customers that this is not the case. We believe that we apply world class safety standards that are safe for the employee and the services used. We systematically select disinfectants that are naturally degradable in the environment and have no overall impact on humans. From the beginning of our ministry, we have always chosen health over short-term benefits.

How do we use our disinfectant products?

Here is our procedure of using the chemical products:

  • We store them in imported containers and always follow the directions and pay attention to the warnings on the label.
  • We do not mix detergents and disinfectants unless the labels say it is safe to do so. The combination of some products (e.g., chlorine bleach and ammonia cleaner) can cause serious damage or even death.
  • Checking the label to see if we need to wear gloves to protect our hands and/or eye protection when using the products.
  • If swallowed, inhaled, or comes into contact with skin, we follow label directions or seek medical attention if needed.
  • Keep out of reach of children is a common fact to follow while using these kinds of products.

Positive impact of sanitizing

Good hygiene helps reduce the incidence of diseases such as chlorella, tuberculosis, intestinal worms, etc., and also helps reduce the severity and effects of malnutrition. Proper waste hygiene also helps reduce pollution, especially water pollution. Some other health benefits are:

Health Benefits – Improving health helps prevent many deadly and contagious diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea and more. Good hygiene helps reduce child mortality in poor countries. Good health facilities help you work more efficiently and also calm your mind.

Environmental Benefits – Good hygiene helps reduce pollution. Well, the existing drainage system helps protect our rivers from pollution and also provides clean drinking water.

Economic Benefits – Improving health has a significant impact on the economy, as good health allows people to work more efficiently and also saves on the cost of investing in health.