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Rodent Pest Control

Mice are one of the most common problems worldwide. Unlike other pests, it can not only
destroy one type of property, but it can also damage furniture, clothing, important documents,
books, electrical wires and so on. When you get home, you will see some destruction. Not only
can this destroy everyone, but it can also cause serious health problems. Sure, it’s dangerous,
but don’t worry.

Universal pest control has a solution to your problem. We have a group of
individuals specialists who will completely eradicate mice from your living areas, workplace,
etc. Remember us for pest control at households, at workplace or anywhere. We are located in
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Information’s on Rodents
They are a group of mammals under which squirrels, lilies, mice, rats, gerbils, worms, fleas,
kangaroos, frogs, pocket mice, lilies and likewise are also considered similarly. Today more
than 2,000 species of rodents live there, making it the most diverse group of mammals.

Rodents are said to have reported more than 35 types of diseases. These diseases can be
communicated directly to humans’ beings by handling rats or by contact with faeces, urine or
saliva, or by bites. Rodent-borne diseases can also be indirectly transmitted to humans through
ticks, mites, or fleas that feed on infected rodents.

Habitat of rodents
Carefully examine the building for any signs of damage from chewing or eating, digging,
cleaning, and defecating. Mice tend to eat by chewing and eating the outer seeds, leaving the
pulp behind. However, mice often leave behind food scraps.

House rats typically live in the same building and dig holes 20 mm in diameter in walls,
partitions and floors. The holes made by the mice are larger, about 80 mm, and can be the
entrance to the nests. The nests are in hidden areas and can be made of a variety of materials
such as cardboard, paper, straw, and fabric.

Effects of rodents
Rodents consume their food source and destroy it when they eat. It can wreak havoc in various
environments such as homes, businesses, farms, industries and livestock. Rodents not only
chew a lot of dust, but can also get rid of it by throwing away food. Rodent. Many rodents are
an important part of the food chain as they prey on predators such as cats, snakes, large birds
and foxes. Rodents are also environmentally important for the spread of grain and germs.
Rodents have sharp front teeth in the upper and lower jaws. These teeth are constantly growing
and their size is controlled by constant chewing.

How do Rodents (mice) pests control?

Health and deprivation
When looking for ways to prevent and control rodent problems, always check the area for
potential sources of food, water, and living areas. Good ways to prevent rodents from living in
an area include:
• Commitment to high health balance
• Getting rid of leaking of pipes, wastage of food, open waterways and likewise.
• Mice can shrink the gaps down to 8mm, so be sure to fill in the gaps or small gaps.

Physical traps can be different and can be used if necessary. Trap methods require more time
and effort than other chemical rodent control methods. This method is low in cost and more
used commonly.

Rodents (using other rodents)
Rodents usually fight with mice and mice with rodents. Rodents can kill rodents in single doses
(acute) or multiple doses (chronic).

Acute rodenticides
This includes:
• Mineral Phosphide
• Alpha-chloralose Brodivacom Flucomavin

In the target animal, the pesticide reacts with the stomach acid in the gastrointestinal tract to
produce the poisonous gas phosphide – aluminium, magnesium. Mineral phosphides are usually
quick disinfectants and are single-use rodents.Norburmid is only effective against normal mice.
It interferes with vital organs by narrowing the blood vessels in the bloodstream. Brodivacum,
Flucomafin, and Divinacum are highly lethal anticoagulants. Anticoagulants prevent and
weaken blood clots. This leads to rodent death from internal bleeding.
Chronic rodents’ pests
Examples of it are:
• Warfarin
• Defazinon
• Calciferol;
Warfarin, Commtralil, and Divasinon are anticoagulants. Calciferol is a type of vitamin D that
is used in combination with anticoagulants to increase the lethal effects of rodents.

Hence, here at Universal Pest control and hospitality services, we have all the materials for
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