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Cockroach Pest Control

We eradicate cockroaches from your home, office or any other place with the use of our latest chemical methods and techniques.

Cockroaches are small insects that belong to the group Blattodea. There are more than 4,000 species of them worldwide, but several of them are considered major pests. The high plague o the sign is due to its widespread, close interaction with humans and the potential to transmit disease.
Some cockroaches’ species faeces contain pheromones. These marks adhere or rub their faeces to the surfaces to indicate areas of feeding and accumulation. Cockroaches eat almost any animal or plant material, including paper, cloth, leather, starch and fat particles.

How cockroaches spread contamination?

Cockroaches can contaminate food with their faeces and saliva bacteria, which can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea and staphylococcal infection. Even they can also attack the best-preserved houses if they come together and develop poor
hygiene conditions due to the large amount of food available. Cockroaches can enter your home with food, packages, boxes, used furniture and appliances, or they can migrate from nearby apartments or buildings.

Cockroaches need a food source and often spoil spoiled food in trash cans, they pick up bacterial organisms on their feet. When they get into your home, they can place these bacteria on uncooked food. In addition, many pathogenic organisms can grow and multiply in their digestive system and, when contaminated, turn into silver, plates, kitchen utensils, etc. We talk about how inhaling dust with dirt on the neck or parts of the body can cause allergic reactions and asthma, especially in children. As for the disease, they can take salmonella off their feet and put it in food, which can cause food poisoning.

Looking for cockroach’s pest control in Qatar?

We provide you with best pest control in Qatar both chemical and natural ways.

Peppermint oil or peppermint extract is way to combat the cockroach’s contamination problem instead of being able to kill them. To remove bumps, we mix the solution with two parts water, one-part white vinegar and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil spray and spray the mixture on the affected areas of your home.


This is one of the most popular and effective way for controlling cockroach’s contaminations. The baits come in a variety of forms, but granules and gels are best when used externally. When using bait, never use an insecticide spray in the same place, as this will prevent any type of cockroach from entering the area. We place granulate bait around your home, on flower beds
and mulching areas. Then apply cockroach gel bait to any cracks or crevices in external walls, foundations or around doors and windows.

Insecticide spray
Insecticide sprays marked for outdoor use may also be effective until applied to areas with outdoor bait. While using any type of pest control, we always follow the instructions for use and repeat the application. Children and pets should be out of the treated area.
Spray any cracks or crevices around the doors or windows where you think they will be used as a cover. Seal any cracks or crevices in the base. Spray around the perimeter of the foundations of the house and any entry point into the house where large bumps can get. We wash our hands after applying the insecticide or wear protective gloves when applying.

Expert Tip
Although there are insecticides that are used for itching problems, most contain boric acid. It is extremely toxic to plants and may not be as effective as moisture. Their use is most effective in controlling internal cockroach infestations. To deal with pest control you can always call us as we are professional rodent control company. We are professionals and licensed to use products that are not available to the public.
We have experience in dealing with inequalities in the scene. Whether you decide to do the work yourself or hire someone else, some tasks are up to you. Go outside from time to time to make sure the outdoor area is clean. Prune the plants. Close
any cracks or crevices in the house. Remove all possible hiding places. Taking these steps will go a long way to preventing future outbreaks of infections. While no one can guarantee a completely smoke-free scene, continuous maintenance of your outdoor area and pest control methods can eliminate most dirty pests. In our pest controlling work plan we guarantee you to make your places one hundred percent safe from cockroaches. Our services are the best pest control service in Qatar.