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Ant Control

Ant’s pest control

The ants belong to the Insecta class and have six legs like other insects. Their bodies include-
head, chest and abdomen. Ten thousand species of ants exist globally. They occur mainly in

tropical forests, where they make up half of all insects that live in some localities. Normally
ants are not harmful but certain species of ants are harmful. Universal pest control and
hospitality services targets the harmful species of ants and provides ants pest control in Qatar.
Infested ants can be easily prevented by keeping the premises clean (especially in the kitchen).
Store food in a closed container so you don’t smell the stored food. Another way to control ants
in Qatar is to close holes like passages that are used as passages for ants. Glue, silicone, or
plaster of paris can be used to block these pathways.

What are the effects caused by ants?
Ants have impact on fields like agriculture, animal husbandry, human health, ecosystem, etc.
One species of ant that is very lethal is fire ants. Imported fire ants can create disease cycles
and kill humans. There are huge social and medical costs associated with this plague. These
ants can also harm plants and animals.

About ant’s pest control and preventive measures
Ants can easily be prevented by keeping food (especially the kitchen) clean and storing food
in tight containers so that they cannot sniff stored food.
Universal pest control and hospitality services spray provides effective anthrax control for up
to 6 months and kills them quickly. With an easy-to-use spray and a fresh eucalyptus scent,
this product is ideal for indoor use and protects you and your family from unwanted insects.
We have different types of anti-ant chemicals and we use them according to the required
situation. Whatever your problem, make sure we have solutions in the form of sprays, powders
and traps. Should ants be killed in their nests? You have to spray on hard-to-reach places.
Another way to kill ants is to use baking soda. However, spraying strongly fragrant herbs such
as camphor, mint or garlic cloves can prevent ants from returning home. Also, if you don’t want
to get rid of these ants yourself, then it is definitely a good idea to seek help from one of the
best pest control companies in Qatar and check out the ant’s pest control.
If you are looking for a professional rodent control in Qatar, you can be sure that you will join
us and be satisfied with good services such as rodent control. Our services are available at
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Impacts of Fire ants on different sectors are:

Fire ants are a social threat due to their cycles. Encounters with fire ants often involve many
ants that move quickly and go unnoticed. When they bite you, there may be hundreds of ants
on your body and they want to bite all at once. Cycles of fire ants can cause a painful, burning,
and itchy feeling that lasts for an hour. Several cycles create the feeling that the body is on fire.


Hills made of fire nests can be a serious problem on lawns, golf courses and golf courses, which
can have economic consequences. The operation of ants and nesting materials can cause costly
damage to sensitive electrical equipment. It may also affect the tourism industry and trade in
risky goods with countries that don’t burn antiques.

Fire ants are very aggressive and powerful feeders for small livestock, including insects,
spiders, lizards, frogs, birds and mammals.
Pest control of ants:
The adaptive nature of ant colonies makes it almost impossible to eradicate entire colonies.

You should therefore consult an expert like us to deal with these ants. We use the “three-
pronged method”. The first method involves treating the living space. The different types of

techniques we use for eco-friendly pest control chemicals. The second method involves treating
ants at home. The yard is a source of ants as they enter your home from here. Therefore, the
court’s regulation is important for anti-control. The last method involves treating ants outside
the living space. In most cases, ant roots form inside their nests outside. If necessary, we can
also serve your ships, boats, factories, hospitals, etc. as a customer request.